From Afar

From Afar / Desde Allá
Director: Lorenzo Vigas
Cast: Alfredo Castro, Luis Silva
Venezuela/Mexico, 2015, 93 min., Spanish w/ Hebrew and English subtitles

Venice Film Festival 2015 – Golden Lion
San Sebastian 2015: Special mention – Luis Silva
AFI FEST 2015: Special Jury Mention for Screenplay
Biarritz Festival Latin America 2015: Best actor – Luis Silva
Thessaloniki International Film Festival: Best Screenplay Award and Best Actor – Alfredo Castro

Armando uses his wealth to lure young men into his home. He is not interested in touching them at all, but rather in watching them from afar as they undress.
He also follows an elderly businessman with whom he once had a traumatic relationship.
His first encounter with a violent street boy named Eldar results in an assault, yet this does not prevent the reclusive Armando from becoming enchanted with the wild, handsome youth.
Eldar, who realizes that money can be obtained from Armando, accepts the latter's pursuing, becoming a regular hook-up. At first, their meetings are non-physical, but then an unexpected intimacy develops between them.
Can a real relationship exist between two such different individuals, and can the past haunting them both finally be left behind?
Lorenzo Vigas' debut film is a dramatic thriller with a realistic touch. The two leading actors – Chilean dramatic veteran Alfredo Castro (No, El Club) and newcomer Luis Silva (in his film debut) – give unforgettable, powerful appearances.