Guttman X 5

Israel, 2014, 73 min, Hebrew with English Subtitles
TLVFest 2014 – world premiere

New Israeli film composed five different episodes inspired by the life story and films of the director Amos Guttman.
Out of dozens of submissions five projects were selected. The connections between the episodes were done by the animator Mysh.

Created by / Content Editor – Yair Hochner
Produced by – Gil Sima
Post Production / Graphics – Mysh
Animated Sequences – Mysh / Assaf Benharroch
Editor – Natalie Yaniv
Lectors – Yair Hochner / Nachman Ingbar / Yossi Oren / Gil Sima / Chen Arieli
Featuring Films by – Sivan Levy / Yoav Inbar / Ronny Almog / Emil Ray / Yoav Brill / Stephanie Abramovich
Supported by The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts.

The different plots in the project are ranging in genres and different cinematic styles:
1) Sivan Levy brings a video clip about a prostitute, two drug addicts and sexually exploited young man, who are successful in escaping their bitter fate for some moments of grace in the bar which serves as a place of refuge.
2) Yoav Inbar takes us to the beginning of the 80th and tells the story of a young boy from Haifa who decides to make a journey to the gay garden in Tel Aviv.
3) Ronny Almog and Emil Ray in a movie about a middle-aged film director who speaks with young director from “Drifted” (1983) and wonders what has changed for the LGBT people in the past thirty years.
4) Yoav Brill tries, in an animated film, to follow after one of the most intimate and public practices – two guys holding hands.
5) Stephanie Abramovich introduces us to Kati Gutman – it’s been twenty years since her only son Amos died of AIDS. Today, for the first time, she dares to open past wounds.