Of Girls and Horses

Sunday, June 4, 19:00 Cinematheque 2

Tickets are available at 03-6060800 ext. 9
or via this link

Dir: Monika Treut
Production: Björn Koll, Monika Treut
Cast: Ceci Chuch, Alissa Wilms, Vanida Karun
Germany, 2014, 85 mts., German with English subtitles

Q&A with the director after the screening.

Of Girls and Horses stands out within Treut’s body of work. Made for adolescents, the strength of this film comes from the innocence of its heroines and from the countryside atmosphere of its location. Treut asks viewers to sit back into their seats, take a deep breath, and become one with the pastoral setting, into which 16-year old Alex is thrust. She is sent by her mother to a remote horse farm somewhere in the north of Germany, near the Danish border and the ocean, in order to overcome her drug addiction and depression. Her meeting with the women of the farm and with the horses is set to change her. This film is a little cinematic pearl, filled with nature, horses, and captivating actresses.