The Night (La Noche)

Tuesday, June 6, 22:00 Cinematheque 1

Tickets are available at 03-6060800 ext. 9
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La Noche
Dir: Edgardo Castro

Production: Florencia de Mugica, Agustín Torre
Cast: Edgardo Castro, Federico Figari, Paula Ituriza
Argentina, 135 min., 2016, Spanish w/ English subtitles

2016 Argentinian Independent Cinema Festival – Jury Award
2016 London International Film Festival
2016 Hamburg International Film Festival
2016 Mar del Plata Film Festival
In association with the Embassy of Argentina

For more than four years actor and director Edgardo Castro worked with Buenos Aires amateur actors and sex workers on making this unique, daring film, which ultimately won the Jury Award at the Argentinian Independent Cinema Festival in Buenos Aires.
The Night is a dazzling journey into the sidelines of society in the Argentine capital. It is a cinematic creation that is a journey in a world without borders and limitations, with satisfaction being the sole destination. Through lowly clubs, filthy brothels, hookups with men, women and transgender people, drug taking, non-stop consumption of alcohol, and most of all tear-accompanied loneliness. The Night is a stream of consciousness in the mind of a broken, lost person who is looking for warmth and love in places without any grace. It is a movie that looks viewers straight in the eyes, without disguising its painful, cruel reality.
It is a difficult film that is hard to watch but also impossible to ignore, in its realistic, burning strength. The ending is one of the most minimalist, modest, beautiful and exciting scenes seen on the silver screen.
The film contains numerous explicit sex scenes; viewing is restricted to ages 18 and older.