TLVFest Awards 2017 and Closing Film: Il Padre d’Italia

Saturday, June 10, Cinematheque 1
Tickets are available at 03-6060800 ext. 9
or via this link

19:45 Gala cocktail sponsored by Binyamina, Shpagat, dj Anna R
20:45 TLVFest Awards Ceremony, hosted by Moran Rosenblatt (approx. 1 hour long)

Closing Film: Il Padre d’Italia | There is a Light
Direction: Fabio Mollo
Production: Donatella Botti
Cast: Luca Marinelli, Isabella Ragonese
Italy, 2017, 92 min., Italian with Hebrew and English subtitles

In association with the Italian Culture Institute in Tel Aviv and in Haifa

Following the success of his debut film, Il sud è niente (South Is Nothing, 2013), Fabio Mollo now has a new feature out in theaters. It tells the story of 30-year old Paulo, who is undergoing a crisis after breaking up with his partner. Working at a furniture store, Paulo spends his nights drinking at nightclubs and dark rooms, looking for hook-ups. Living in a small apartment and uninterested in what is going on outside, Paulo appears to prefer solitude and shutting himself away from the world. He has yet to come to terms with himself; pain is devouring him from within.
One night, en route to a dark room, Paulo runs into Mia, a young homeless woman who has been ditched by her boyfriend. Self-destructive Mia smokes, drinks, takes drugs, and is six months pregnant. Paulo begins to feel committed to Mia’s well-being, taking her under his wing and trying to find somewhere safe for her to stay. The two embark on a journey across Italy, during which they will both rediscover the true essence of life. The journey will force them to confront reality and allow Paulo to finally take responsibility for his fears and consider his future.
Leading man Luca Marinelli delivers a subtle, on-point appearance. Isabella Ragonese is captivating in her role as the free-spirited Mia. The film itself is a treat for lovers of Italian cinema, filled with splendid views of Turin, Rome, Naples, and Calabria.
Director Fabio Mollo in attendance.