Israeli Collection A – a Search Outside, a Search Inside

Thursday, June 1, 2017, 17:00, Cinematheque 1

Tickets are available at 03-6060800 ext. 9
or via this link

60 min

Dir: Yaniv Eyal
Israel, 2017, 16 min. Hebrew with English subtitles

Amos, a troubled homosexual, goes down to the well, close to where he lives, just to walk through different chambers which illustrate his fears based on his sexual identity.

Long Distance
Dir: Yotam Ben David
Israel, 2015, 15 min. Hebrew with English subtitles

A long walk through paths and roads, through the relationships and distances between people.
Two distant lovers, two homes falling apart and one forgotten birthday. (out of competition)

Leave of Absence
Dir: Moshe Rosenthal
Israel, 2016, 17 min. Hebrew with English subtitles

Before another stressful family dinner, Meir decides to escape. The middle-aged teacher unexpectedly finds what he needed when a chance encounter with former students plunges him into a night of pure rebellious energy. (out of competition)

Out of Breath
Dir: Shaul Melamed
Israel, 2016, 12 min. Hebrew with English subtitles

A film studies student wants to direct his own memorial movie. Not satisfied with the results he decides to confront an old secret and interviews his 3th grade classmate with whom he had an affair while visiting his grandmother in the kibbutz. During the interview for his own memorial movie he finds out that experience shaped the man that now stands in front of him and that he is now openly gay. (out of competition)