Fuck You Jessica Blair

Thursday, June 8, 18:00 Cinematheque 1

Tickets are available at 03-6060800 ext. 9
or via this link

Fuck You Jessica Blair
Dir: Karni Haneman
Produced by: Karni Haneman
Cast: Jessy Danner, Guy German, Karni Haneman, Maya Maron, Orr Sigoli
Israel 2016, 81 min., English/Hebrew with English and Hebrew subtitles

Winter Film Awards 2017 NYC- World Premiere

Q&A with the director after the screening.

Karni feels detached. Detached from the world, her country, her language and even her own body. That is, until she meets Jessica. Through this unique acquaintance, Karni will discover a different side to her being – a place where she finally belongs.