Wednesday, June 7, 16:30 Cinematheque 2

Tickets are available at 03-6060800 ext. 9
or via this link

Dir: Zohar Melinek Ezra & Afek Testa Launer
Israel 2017, 75 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

The episodes screened: Lioz, Afek, Natalie, Toar, Dorin, Kul.

After the screening Q&A with the directors and characters.

“Spectrums” is a new Israeli docu-series that follows the social and spiritual world of 10 members of the transgender community in Israel. The series presents a current view of the Israeli society in its many hues. Every episode follows a single character bearing his and hers world in a empowering, revealing way, with no compromises. Every character brings to light another aspect of the issue at hand and breaks every stereotype about gender and the transexual experience. Their stories are unavoidably the story of the periphery of Israel in 2017.
The series presents a complex discussion about gender and shows that all of us are moving through the the spectrum of identity, body and society. “Spectrums” focuses on our society at a critical point with a clear message – freedom to live your life without letting society dictate your identity.