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Direction: Onur Tukel
Production: Gigi Graff, Greg Newman
Cast: Anne Heche, Sandra Oh, Alicia Silverstone
U.S., 2016, 96 min., English with Hebrew subtitles

2016 Toronto International Film Festival
2017 Gothenburg Film Festival

Films depicting two college friends meeting again after a very long time usually revolve around a heart-warming story arc showing that friendship can be rekindled and past differences overcome even following a lengthy separation and despite class differences. This is not the case here. In Catfight, this reunion involves fourty-somethings Veronica (Gray’s Anatomy‘s Sandra Oh), who married a wealthy man and gave up on her dreams, an depressed lesbian painter Ashley (Anne Heche, Ellen DeGenenres’s famous ex), who augments her income waiting tables, her boss being her partner (Alicia Silverstone). Never fond of each other, their random encounter renews their rivalry within minutes, opening old wounds and escalating into a bloody, violent battle.
Heche and Oh are the mainstays of this film, delivering splendid comic performances. Tituss Burgess (featured on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) is charming as the hospital nurse taking care of the protagonists. Catfight is an in-your-face, uninhibited comedy that spares no one.