Emo the Musical

Saturday, June 3, 12:00 Cinematheque 1
Wednesday, June 7, 16:00 Cinematheque 1

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Emo the Musical
Dir: Neil Triffett
Production: Lee Matthews
Cast: Benson Jack Anthony, Jordan Hare
Australia, 2017, 94 min., English with Hebrew subtitles

Berlinale 2017

If you have children who love Glee, or in the event that you are young at heart and love a good youth musical (we at TLVFest sure do) with a queer touch and lots of humor, then look no more – delightful Australian film Emo the Musical is the perfect movie for you.
Ethan, a sensitive boy with a rich imagination who suffers from suicidal tendencies, arrives at a new high school. He joins an Emo band based at the competing high school. Another school band plays Christian music. Ethan and one of the members of the latter band, devoutly-Christian girl Trinity, are attracted to each other, but adolescent stigmas and cliques prevent them from becoming happy together.
While the film features gay characters in supporting roles only, we chose to include it in the TLVFest program because of its important message on accepting the other and the outsider. We hope to see parents arriving to watch this entertaining family film with their children. This is a definite move towards a more family and teen-oriented TLVFest.