Those Who Make Revolution Halfway Only Dig Their Own Graves

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Those Who Make Revolution Halfway Only Dig Their Own Graves
Dir: Mathieu Denis and Simon Lavoie
Production: Hany Ouichou
Cast: Laurent Belanger, Gabrielle Tremblay, Emmanuelle Lussier-Martinez, Charlotte Aubin
Canada, 2016, 183 min., English and French with Hebrew and English subtitles

Toronto Festival 2016 – World Premiere – Best Canadian Film Award
Berlinale 2017 – International Premiere – Generation Special Jury Award

In association with the Embassy of Canada

Fans of Godard, particularly those of his revolutionary film La Chinoise, as well as lovers of radical and activist cinema, get ready: Canadian directors Mathieu Denis and Simon Lavoie have fused narrative, documentary, and experimental cinema into an exciting new film. It is almost impossible to describe the epic, ambitious, emotional and intellectual experience you will undergo while watching this unique cinematic creation.
The film was inspired by the 2012 Quebec protests against attempts to raise academic tuition.
A lesbian student couple, a young trans woman and a queer man form a terrorist cell intended to wreak havoc in Montreal. From their hideout they embark on various forays, following rigid rules in order to survive the revolution; their activities are funded by their transgender comrade with the money she earns from prostitution. Their modest funds are hardly enough for food, let alone for full-fledged revolutionary acts. Are young people in the West, who have grown accustomed to being online non-stop through advanced smartphones, tablets, and expensive cameras, and who wear only the latest fashion, be suitable for rebellion at all, not to mention carry out a revolution from beginning to end? And at what cost should this revolution come, if it comes at all?
The cast, mostly made up of newcomers, enraptures the screen. Young, handsome Laurent Belanger radiates exceptional manly vulnerability within the tough feminine group, and transgender actress Gabrielle Tremblay steals the show with a particularly impressive performance.
Those Who Make Revolution Halfway only Dig Their Own Graves is a provocative, avant-garde cinematic creation that attacks all sides of the political spectrum. At the beginning, the screen remains dark for five minutes, with only the soundtrack playing. Then follow large headlines reminiscent of Bruce LaBruce’s The Raspberry Reich, and towards the final third is a short interval header that allows viewers a quick visit to the WC. Plenty of troubling scenes of violence and full-frontal nudity appear in between.
For anyone looking for a different, challenging, daring and groundbreaking cinema – this film is a must. Viewing is 18+.