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Direction: Eduardo Casanova
Production: Álex de la Iglesi, Kiko Martínez, Carolina Bang
Cast: Ana Polvorosa, Candela Peña, Carmen Machi
Spain, 2017, 77 min., Spanish with Hebrew and English subtitles

2017 Berlin Festival – World Premiere

In association with Instituto Cervantes, The Embassy of Spain

Imagine Pedro Almodovar directing a remake of Freaks, the 1932 Tod Browning masterpiece. Skins, an outrageous film, has made audiences roar with laughter, cry out in amazement, and enthusiastically applaud once it drew to a close.
The protagonists, Samantha, Guille, Ana, Christian, as well as their friends, are all fundamentally different from other humans. One has a different organ where his mouth should be; the second has a bump on the right side of his face; the third has no eyes, the fourth is gigantic, and others have burnt skin or the tail of a mermaid. Living in uniquely-designed apartments painted pink and purple in the finest camp tradition, they lead an insular existence, disdaining contact with the outside world.
The debut film by Eduardo Casanova offers a view of the lives of people on the sidelines, who are never entirely secured and are forever considered freaks by society. However, the film unravels plenty of beauty and hope, particularly towards its touching ending. The world seen in Skins is eventually one of great compassion.
Entrance is restricted to viewers aged 18 and older.