Soldiers. Story from Ferentari

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Soldatii. Poveste din Ferentari
Director: Ivana Mladenovic
Producer: Ada Solomon
Cast: Adrian Schiop, Stefan Iancu, Vasile Pavel
Romania, 2017, 119 min., Romanian with English and Hebrew subtitles

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018
CPH PIX (Copenhagen) 2017 – Special Mention
Toronto International Film Festival 2017
San Sebastian Film Festival 2017

In association with the Romanian Cultural Institute

From the producer of much-discussed Romanian film Aferim and of German hit Toni Erdmann comes the bold, impressive film debut by Ivana Mladenovic.
Soldiers. Story from Ferentari is a film that breaks cinematic norms by offering an intimate portrayal of a love story taking place within the Roma Community living on the most marginal margins of Bucharest.
Forty-year-old anthropologist Adi is studying Roma culture. He is in need of a guide. He hires Alberto, his polar opposite: insolent, shameless, fond of alcohol and gambling, who spent most of his life behind bars. The two develop a friendship that turns into an unexpected love story, against the backdrop of societal discrimination and ever-increasing social gaps. Mladenovic successfully captures the chemistry and intimacy between the two men, who are her medium for observing culture in the forgotten periphery of Romanian society.

Leading actor in attendance.