Amazing Grace

(c)יוני המנחם
(c)יוני המנחם


Monday, June 4, 2018, 20:00
Cinematheque 2

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Hessed Mufla
Director: Amos Guttman
Producer: Dagan Price
Cast: Gal Heuberger, Sharon Alexander, Rivka Michaeli, Dvora Bartonov, Hina Rozovskia, Aki Avni, Karin Ofir, Ada Valerie Tal, Bar Refaeli
Music: Arkadi Duchin
Israel, 1992, 90 min., Hebrew with English subtitles

Chicago International Film Festival 1992
Torino International Gay & Lesbian 1993

A special screening in honor of the 25th anniversary of this groundbreaking film by Amos Guttman.

Yonatan leaves the kibbutz and moves to Tel-Aviv so he can be with Miki, a young soldier who constantly cheats on him. Yonatan’s routine is disturbed when Thomas, a mysterious man, comes back from New York to visit his mother and grandmother, who live in the same building as Yonatan. Thomas, afraid of hurting the young man who has fallen for him, is hiding a secret from Yonatan – he is terminally ill.

Amazing Grace was made in the early nineties, when Aids and HIV were discussed in a very un-politically correct way. Nonetheless, it is still a very touching film, thanks to Guttman’s gentle direction and the excellent performance by the cast.

The 25th anniversary of Amazing Grace: snapshots from the life and work of Amos Guttman.

Courtesy of Eran Even
Courtesy of Eran Even

A glance into the attic of Amos Guttman’s mother Ketty reveals a fascinating wealth of visual and textual materials, pictures and notes. They tell the story of his pioneering work in Israeli LGBT and personal cinema.Items collected by Amos over many years provide a rare look into an edgy, exciting period of rapturous, extreme, fascinating filmmaking.

An installation consisting of representative pieces from this collection was set up by the Salon Amos team, which works to commemorate the director’s body of work so that it can continue inspiring others and provide a safe haven for filmmakers and cinema lovers.

We are embarking on a process of restoring Amos’s entire filmography by restoring and cleaning original materials. This task will be performed with the help of the Israel Film Archive. We are looking for resources that can help us complete this task and to create new copies for watching and screening, so that Amos’s important cinematic heritage is preserved for future generations.

What we need most is partners. We ask that you spread the word and help us find those partners.

Anyone interested in supporting this unique project financially is welcome to contact Maureen at