Reinventing Marvin

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Marvin ou la Belle ÉducationDirector: Anne Fontaine
Producers: Philippe Carcassone, Jean-Louis Livi, Pierre-Alexandre Schwab
Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Catherine Mouchet, Finnegan Oldfield
France, 2017, 115 min., French with Hebrew and English subtitles

César Awards 2018 – nominated for Most Promising Actor Award
Venice International Film Festival 2017 – Queer Lion Award
Chéries-Chéris 2017 – Closing Film

Martin Clement, born Marvin Bijou, escapes his small village in the Vosges Mountains. He is fleeing his father’s tyranny and his mother’s helplessness, intolerance and rejection, and the abuse he was subject to because he is different. Madeleine Clement, his school principal, introduces him to the world of acting, encouraging him to make use of his talent on the theatrical stage. Adopting her surname as a symbol of his salvation, he embarks on a long, difficult journey of reinventing himself. He is unable to erase his past, as his family and background linger on behind him. His story exemplifies the need to go on a long and difficult path before a safe return home can become a possibility.
Young actor Finnegan Oldfield plays young Marvin in a wonderful, moving manner. Two capturing actresses play his muses: Catherine Mouchet is the school principal and Isablle Huppert in an unforgettable appearance as an actress who decides to take Marvin under her wing.