Israeli Cinema

(c)יוני המנחם

Amazing Grace

Yonatan moves to Tel-Aviv to be with Miki, a young soldier who constantly cheats on him. When Thomas, a mysterious man, comes back from New York for a visit, Yonatan is immediately smitten. Thomas, afraid of hurting the young man, is hiding a secret from Yonatan – he is terminally ill.


Death of a Poetess

Lenny Sadeh is a scholar who embarks on a day-long, dark, urban journey. Yasmin Nasser, an Arab nurse who lives in Jaffa, undergoes a harsh interrogation that leaves her stupefied. By pure coincidence, the two women run into each other for a single evening that binds their fates inextricably together.


Family In Transition

Parent of four Amit comes to terms with her true gender identity at 40. Despite personal and social difficulties, the family, led by Galit, Amit’s wife, insists on staying together. But when it seems that Amit’s gender journey has reached its destination in peace, Galit’s own quest threatens the relationship.

(C) רונן אקרמן

Gal Uchovsky Tribute: The Bar Mitzvah

The series, created by Gal Uchovsky and Ilan Peled, about two American gay tourists who travel to Israel to celebrate their son’s bar mitzvah. They hope that the journey will allow him to come out of the closet. When he turns out to be straight, all hell breaks loose.


I’m Fat

Halit is a fat woman, a filmmaker and instructor for youths at risk, in a joyous and satisfying relationship. But in the eyes of the world, she is first and foremost a fat woman in a world where everyone aspires to be thinner.

(c)איתן חתוכה


Effi goes to Acre, the city of her birth, to attend her grandfather’s funeral. There, she meets Keren, a married woman, and falls in love with her. After meeting Maya, Keren’s little girl, Effi begins to realize what – and who – it was that made her leave town years ago.


My Two Polish Loves

Tali travels to Lodz, Poland, to retrace her personal roots and collective memory. At the heart of this journey are her two Polish loves: her expatriate lover Magda and her late grandmother Silvia, a Holocaust survivor. Tali and Magda discover surprising similarities in their shared Polish heritage.


Over The Rainbow – Launch of the campaign and special panel

Sunday, June 3, 2018, 16:00 Cinematheque 2 Tickets are available at 03-6060800 ext. 9 or via this link Duration: 90 minutes This campaign was created by Ariel Medina, Roni Artzi, Roy Litan and Shiran Beri as part of the PO studio, for Ma’avarim organization. We all move on the gender arch between female and male, between gay and straight, between


The Cakemaker

German baker Thomas goes to Jerusalem following the death of his Israeli lover, Oren. Using a false name, he finds work at a café owned by Anat, Oren’s widow. The place soon flourishes thanks to his exquisite pastries; yet Thomas’s involvement in Anat’s life becomes greater than he had anticipated.

(c)אל-עד כהן

The Sign for Love

When El-Ad was small, his mother told him: “Raising you is like raising three kids”. He felt guilty for being deaf. As an adult, El-Ad started a family, at the center of which is his child, whose mother is El-Ad’s deaf friend Yaeli, and that also includes their deaf friends.