General Info 2018

Tickets and festival venues:
Cinematheque Tel Aviv – 2 Shprintzak St., Tel Aviv
Ticket Office – 03-6060800, ext. 9, Sunday-Saturday, 10:00-22:00

TicketsOnlineBox Office
Regular ticketNIS 43NIS 43
Special offers*  
6 tickets NIS 198 (would be NIS 258)
10 tickets NIS 350 (would be NIS 430)
20 tickets NIS 640 (would be NIS 860)
Opening and Closing Nights  
Opening NightNIS 70NIS 70
Awards Ceremony and Closing FilmNIS 43NIS 43
TLVFest Drag Star Search  
Rows 2-8No online saleNIS 200
Rows 11-19No online saleNIS 150
Rows 9-10Reserved for
TLVFest Friends Association
Reserved for
TLVFest Friends Association
Special meetings  
Conversation with Christine VachonNIS 50NIS 50
Conversation with  Peppermint Alexis MichelleNIS 50NIS 50
Opening party @ BasculaNIS 100 (presale)NIS 150 (at the door)
TLVFest Queer Party @ Ozen BarNIS 50 (presale)NIS 80 (at the door)
@ Hotel NYX
Free admission to NYX Party
NIS 13 Movies and Events
5 NIS for Cinematheque subscribers
MontanaNIS 13NIS 13
Teen Perspective
youth and high school shorts competition
NIS 13NIS 13
Over the Rainbow – panelNIS 13NIS 13
Death of a PoetessNIS 13NIS 13
Dyke SocietyNIS 13NIS 13
Panel – the state of LGBT cinemaNIS 13NIS 13
My Two Polish LovesNIS 13NIS 13
The Sign For LoveNIS 13NIS 13

AKS International Minorities

Festival in Pakistan

NIS 13NIS 13
Panel – OUTtv & REVRY NIS 13NIS 13
Decade to Side by SideNIS 13NIS 13
The cakemakerNIS 13NIS 13
I’M Fat NIS 13NIS 13
NIS 25 Israeli and International Shorts
20 NIS for Cinematheque subscribers
Israeli Shorts A-FNIS 25NIS 25
International Lesbian ShortsNIS 25NIS 25
International Gay ShortsNIS 25NIS 25
International Queer Animation ShortsNIS 25NIS 25
International Bisexual ShortsNIS 25NIS 25
International Transgender ShortsNIS 25NIS 25
Queer/Trans Porn ShortsNIS 25NIS 25
Gay Porn ShortNIS 25NIS 25
Lesbian Porn ShortsNIS 25NIS 25

**Buy 4 tickets for different short program and receive a fifth ticket for free.

Viewers affiliated with the following programs and associations are entitled to purchase tickets for NIS 30 instead of NIS 43, at the Cinematheque box office only (may require valid membership card to be shown): Tel Aviv Cinematheque members, high school/university students, retirees, IDF soldiers on mandatory duty (must show HOGER), people with disabilities, Israel Press Association, Union of Israeli Sound and Picture Editors, Scriptwriters Guild of Israel, Directors Guild, The Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum, Shaham – The Israeli Actors Guild, Mifal Hapais – the Israel National Lottery, Tel Ofan, TLV18 wristband holders, BEEFriend card holders.

DIGITEL card holders can purchase up to 5 tickets for NIS 25 each (would be NIS 43).

*This discount is only available at the box office and is not valid for festival parties, opening and closing events, the TLVFest Drag Star Search, and the conversations with Christine Vachon  and with Peppermint & Alexis Michelle

Festival timetables are subject to change. We cannot guarantee the presence of guests at the screenings of their films. E&OE.