Saving TLVFest

TLVFest faces a huge problem and we need your help!

The Israeli Culture ministry is refusing transfer of our 2018 annual budget support, a promised sum of NIS 217,000 (around $60,000 – third of the festival budget).

The official reason is a bureaucratic error made 5 years ago on a budget request submitted by the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. The ministry added that it will also freeze its expected support to the 2019 festival.

This scandalous decision will not allow the festival to continue its normal operation and will force it to shut down.

We all know the real reason behind this. The current Israeli Culture Ministry has become very right wing and the LGBT issue has become much less attractive to them.

TLVFest must stand firm against violence, corruption, and intolerance, and fight for freedom of speech and civil rights to the LGBT community and all minorities living in Israel. We are here to continue spreading LGBT culture and cinema across the country, provoke thought, bring down walls, and build bridges between cultures.

We have started a crowdfunding campaign, in hope of raising enough money to be able and hold an even bigger film festival in 2019. Support us here (Switch to English – by clicking “world” icon on the top of the page). If you can’t make it to use the tickets, they will be donated to LGBT youth organizations in Israel.

TLVFest must continue to fight for freedom, justice, tolerance, and social and political equality for all, regardless of religion, race, gender or sexual orientation.

Thank you so much for your support