My Big Gay Italian Wedding

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Puoi Baciare Lo Sposo
Director: Alessandro Genovesi
Producer: Alessandro Usai Maurizio Totti
Cast: Salvatore Esposito, Diego Abatantuono, Monica Guerritore
Italy, 2018, 90 min., Italian with Hebrew and English subtitles

This moving Italian comedy tells the story of Antonio and Paulo, a couple living happily and opulently in Berlin, far away from their parents. When Antonio proposes to Paulo he is confronted with a demand by his partner: he must come out to his parents, who live in a beautiful mountain village somewhere in Italy. Antonio’s mother is instantly supportive, announcing to the couple that they will get married right there in the village and that she will arrange the wedding. Her husband Roberto, the local mayor, is very dissatisfied with the news, and plots to damage the wedding, whatever the price may be. Other people also stick their noses into the affair: Antonio’s former girlfriend, who refuses to leave their mutual past behind, a cross-dressing bus driver, and a singer friend of the couple.