Young Filmmakers Competition

Friday, June 7, 2019, 14:00 Cinematheque 1
Tickets are available at 03-6060800 ext. 9
or via this link

Duration: 120 minutes

After the Sunset
Dir: Sophie Maxin Carmon
Israel, 2018, 14min, Hebrew

Mrs. Alexandrowicz shares the story of her first love with her therapist.

Dir: Liel Buba
Israel, 2018, 11min, Hebrew

Cool (Leor Colton) is a 33-year-old who identifies as gender-queer and who is fighting for his right to fit into society, just like anyone else.

Dir: Itay Weiss
Israel, 2018, 9min, Hebrew

17-year-old Jonathan realizes he is falling in love with a boy in his class. He feels alienated from himself however, one intimate, pastoral moment will expose a truth that cannot be hidden.

The Secrets of the Universe
Dir: Evelyn Rosenfeld
Israel, 2018, 18min, Hebrew

Alex is a lonely, confused teen who is struggling to make sense of herself and her world. She bonds with Opher, an extroverted, sociable girl who is eager to take on the universe. Together, they discover the truth about themselves, and the connection between love and the secrets of the universe.

Assif and Katzir
Dir: Roy Musayov
Israel, 2018, 6min, Hebrew

An act of fate and utter chance finds Assif meeting Katzir at the lowest place in Tel Aviv. Despite the cold and the distance, throughout the night, an intimacy develops between the two which flimsy words can’t quite express. It ends up being that which they have in common. i.e. an alienated, functional existence, that allows them to find comfort in each other.

Dir: Yair Elkon
Israel, 2018, 20min, Hebrew

Adam’s world is rocked when his friend, Amit confesses his love for him. This creates a dilemma for Adam in the face of his ailing, conservative father, which sends him fleeing to the Judean Desert on a journey of self-discovery.

To Grandma
Dir: Emma Goldberg
Israel, 2018, 7min, Hebrew

The film To Grandma, brings us the story of Emma who has come out to everyone but her grandmother. Emma can’t bring herself to tell her gran she is a lesbian. When her grandmother ends up in hospital in critical condition, Emma must decide whether to tell her the truth about her sexuality.

What is the Connection
Dir: Liel Dahan
Israel, 2018, 10min, Hebrew

Lott, 49, and Aaron, 33, have been married two years. They live in Jaffa and are very much in love, despite all their contrasts: secular vs. religious, dress designer vs. coroner, spontaneous vs. calculated, and so on. Lott has been out for as far back as he can recall where has Aaron only came out in recent years…

Dir: Orel Duek
Israel, 2018, 12min, Hebrew

A young lesbian woman goes clubbing with her friend who then goes missing. The search for her turns into a vendetta over her dark past.

Behind the Mask
Dir: Meitar Ben-Mucha
Israel, 2018, 9min, Hebrew

The film introduces the viewers to Assaf, a young man from the south of Israel – humble and shy; a fashion designer who came out in his teens. At night, he transforms himself into Celine la Divine – a cheeky, in-your-face drag queen.