Brief Story from the Green Planet

Saturday, June 8, 2019, 12:00 Cinematheque 2 Tickets
Friday, June 14, 2019, 20:00 Cinematheque 2 Tickets

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Brief Story from the Green Planet / Breve historia del planeta verde
Dir: Santiago Loza
Production: Constanza Sanz Palacios
Cast: Romina Escobar, Paul Grinszpan
Argentina, 2019, 75min, Spanish with English subtitles

2019 Berlin Festival – Winner of the Teddy Award for Best Picture
2019 Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema – Argentine Film Critics Association Award winner
2019 International Istanbul Film Festival

Tanya is a young trans woman who, following the death of her grandmother, embarks on an unorthodox journey with her two best friends, Pedro and Daniella. They arrive in a small town where Tanya’s grandmother lived, in a remote rural home. Much to her surprise, Tanya learns that her gran had spent her final years in the company of an oval-shaped alien with enormous dark eyes. Her grandmother’s dying wish was that Tanya take the alien back to the place where it first landed. The trio then set off on a trip across Argentina.
Brief Story from the Green Planet is a surprising piece about unconditional friendship; a film of few words but with much emotion, love, and an abundance of luminescent, neon-colored atmosphere. An original, quirky film about three extraordinary people, and one equally extraordinary extraterrestrial.

Short film before the screening:

Virtual Guard
Director and Producer: Daniela Aguinsky
Cast: Marcela Beresiarte, Laila Duschatzky

Straight off its 2019 BAFICI world premiere.
Girl meets girl… via CCTV. Will Miriam dare abandon her post or will she let Karen continue cheating on her beloved, Brenda?