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Consequences / Posledice
Dir: Darko Stante
Production: Andraz Jeric
Cast: Matej Zemljic, Timon Sturbej
Slovenia, 2018, 95min, Slovenian with Hebrew and English subtitles

2018 Toronto International Film Festival
2018 Athens International Film and Video Festival
2019 Guadalajara International Film Festival

Slovenia’s most talked about film this past year was director Drako Stante’s Consequences. This powerful and breathtaking cinematic debut took home the Best Film, Best Director, Best Lead Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Viewers’ Choice Awards at the 2018 Festival of Slovenian Film. Consequences is a strong cinematic piece that is going to stay with you for a long time.
After being sent to juvenile detention, 18-year-old Andrei must fight for his place amongst the group of young inmates. While getting closer to Željko , their unofficial leader, Andrei struggles to keep a secret he’s buried deep. Little does he realize that Željko has been harboring the same secret. At a juvenile detention centre, it’s best to keep your secrets close to your chest otherwise, someone else may exploit them.
Brace yourselves for a powerful, extremely bold drama featuring mesmerizing performances by Matej Zemljic as Andrei and Timon Sturbej as Željko.

Viewing is restricted to 18 years and older due to explicit sexual content and violence.