The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution

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The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution
Dir: Maya Gallus
Production: Maya Gallus Howard Fraiberg
Canada, 2018, 75min, English with Hebrew subtitles

2019 Berlin International Film Festival – The culinary category’s opening film
Hot Docs 2018 – World premiere

In association with the Embassy of Canada

Feminist documentary with a daring queer lesbian touch.
Restaurant kitchens are a pressure cooker of killer hours, high stress and very little sleep. They are a notoriously macho environment, known around the world thanks to chefs-turned-celebrities and their reality shows. Now, it’s time for change. The tide turns right here with a torrent of women leading the world’s most successful restaurants – a young generation of female chefs who will not conform and instead, write a new rulebook for the “kitchen culture”, and be at the helm of a revolution transforming the culinary world.
The film takes the viewers behind the scenes where they meet the pioneers who have smashed through the glass ceiling. Featuring Anne-Sophie Pic (nicknamed “Queen of French Cuisine”), Angela Hartnett (formerly a Gordon Ramsey protégé) of Murano, and award-winning lesbian New York chef, Anita Lo (whose iconic NYC restaurant Annisa, is closing down after 17 years).
Interviewed alongside these powerhouses are up-and-coming chefs who discuss their daily struggles and take us on a fascinating, entertaining, and appetite-whetting journey into a culinary world made up entirely of extraordinary, talented women.