Rebbetzin Falsch

Tuesday, June 11, 2019, 20:00 Cinematheque 1
Tickets are available at 03-6060800 ext. 9
or via this link

Rabbi Falsch / haRabanit Falsch
Director: Roy Goldman
Production: Carolin Kotler
Israel 2019, 40min, Hebrew with English subtitles

Courtesy of YesDocu

A world premiere!

Roy Goldman’s debut, a feature-length documentary, is a moving piece that peers into the world of Shachar – a Jerusalem-based Yeshiva student who had got married and whose wife then fell pregnant.
The wife soon discovered Shachar was in fact gay and threw him out before he ever got to meet his daughter.
Now at 40, Shachar volunteers on the LGBTQ Association’s ‘Someone to talk to’ hotline and at nights, transforms himself into his drag alter ego – Rabbi Falsch. After years of keeping his distance, Shachar decides to step back into the ultra-orthodox world for a long overdue confrontation and first-time reunion with his daughter.
Roy Goldman’s film is a documentary stripped of any and all pretenses, as it movingly explores the conflict a religious man faces when his identity and the social reality he grew up in collide.