Billie and Emma

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Billie and Emma
Dir: Samantha Lee
Prod: Phyllis Grae Grande, Samantha Lee
Cast: Zar Donato, Gabby Padilla
Philippines, 2018, 106min, Filipino and English with English subtitles

Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2019 LGBTQ+ Film Festival
2019 Osaka Asian Film Festival

Billie is a musician with a rebellious streak. She likes wearing her hair short and she most certainly likes girls. Emma is a much-loved, straight A student. Both attend an all-girls Christian high school and are forced to collaborate on a class project against their will. One is keeping her same-sex attraction a secret, whilst the other is keeping her pregnancy by her boyfriend a secret. The two radically different girls find themselves united by their feeling of otherness and estrangement from their surroundings. They start to warm to each other which leads to a relationship that catches even them by surprise.
Director Samantha Lee’s enchanting, second film is heartwarming, sweet and innocent love story. After watching this film, you too will surely fall in love with Billie and Emma.