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Jonas (Boys)
Dir: Christophe Charrier
Production: Marie Masmonteil, Sandrine Brauer
Cast: Félix Maritaud, Nicolas Bauwens
France, 2018, 82min, French with English subtitles

OUTshine Film Festival Fort Lauderdale 2018
ImageOut: The Rochester LGBT Film & Video Festival 2018

Two moments from Jonas’ life intertwine; each reflecting the man he is now; in 1995, when he was an unpopular, closeted gay teen falling in love for the first time and 18 years later; a young, sexy, wild and impulsive 30-something-year-old who goes from violent brawls to casual hookups while searching for balance in his life. What happened in 1995 to have turned Jonas from the innocent teen he was into the out-of-control brute he is now?
In his debut film, Christophe Charrier serves his audience a psychological thriller that will keep them at the edge of their seats for the full 82min duration. Watch out for rising star, Félix Maritaud last seen in the film 120 BPM, who gives here a stellar performance.
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