Cola de Mono

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Cola de Mono
Dir: Alberto Fuguet
Production: Alberto Fuguet, Roberto Mardones Nicolás Arenas
Cast: Santiago Rodríguez Costabal, Cristóbal Rodríguez Costabal
Chile, 2018, 102min, Spanish with English subtitles

Outfest 2018
ImageOut 2018
Iris prize 2018

The surprising, erotic thriller, Cola de Mono hails straight from Santiago, Chile and is sure to upgrade your Pride Week’s weekend plans. Just picture the king of late ‘70s, early ‘80s erotic horror thrillers, Brian De Palma directing a particularly steamy gay thriller. The result, most likely would be Cola de Mono.
Christmas Eve, 1986 – Borja is a teenager with a deep passion for film and masturbation. He lives with his mother and older brother with each of them carrying around their own share of repressed baggage. The mother is harbouring a long-buried family secret, while elder brother, Vincent, spends his nights cruising the local park in search of casual hookups.
Throw in the stifling Chilean heat, nonstop booze, and a tsunami of repressed desires and the trio is guaranteed to have a truly unforgettable night.
Director/screenwriter Alberto Fuguet blends together family melodrama, suspense and erotica to a result that offers thriller buffs an uninhibited, sexy, cinematic delight.

Viewing is restricted to 18 years and older due to explicit sexual content.