Monday, October 14, 2019, 21:30 Tel Aviv Cinematheque
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This is not Berlin / Esto no es Berlín
Director: Hari Sama
Producers: Ale García, Antonio Urdapilleta, Hari Sama, Verónica Valadez P.
Cast: Xabiani Ponce de León, José Antonio Toledano
Mexico, 2019, 115min, Spanish with Hebrew and English subtitles

Sundance 2019
Tribeca 2019
Malaga 2019

The year is 1986. While the whole of Mexico is watching the football World Cup Final, 17-year-old Carlos isn’t that keen on football and would much rather be listening to his records and hanging out with his best friend, Gera. Gera’s older sister’s punk band is booked to play a gig at an underground night club – The Aztec. Carlos and Gera find themselves both immediately drawn to the Aztec’s regular clubbers. 
The various experiences that await the two at the club will put their friendship to the test as both boys will explore their sexual fluidity for the first time, as well as who they are as teens on the brink of adulthood; not to mention a whole lot of drugs and prescription medication.
Inspired by a punk soundtrack, some stellar performances by a young, talented and sexy cast, This is Not Berlin brings to the big screen an energetic portrait of teens eager to escape their surroundings’ puritanical, social oppression and embark on a self-discovery journey.