Death will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes

Friday, March 6, 2020, 22:00 Tel Aviv Cinematheque
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Death will Come and shall have your Eyes
Directed by: José Luis Torres Leiva
Starring: Amparo Noguera and Julieta Figueroa
Chile, Argentina, Germany, 2019, 86 minutes, Spanish with English and Hebrew subtitles

San Sebastian Film Festival 2019 – Special Mention Best Latin-American Film
London International Film Festival 2019
Hamburg International Film Festival 2019
Mar del Plata Festival 2019

When Maria is diagnosed with a terminal illness, she and her wife Ana decide to spend their last days together in a private cabin in the woods. While there they find old books and letters full of magical stories. These stories help them to rediscover their own love that was long ago lost in the routine of life. A Poetic, surprising, and thrilling film about reconciling with your destiny and finding comfort and hope in even the darkest of times.