Directed by: Gil Baroni
Production: Andréa Tomeleri Gil Baroni
Starring: Anne Celestino, Emmanuel Rosset
Brazil, 2019, 87 minutes, Portuguese with English and Hebrew subtitles

Berlin 2020 – European premiere
Rio de Janeiro Festival 2019 – Félix Award for Best Queer Film, Generation Award for Best Film
Mix Brazil Festival 2019 – Audience Favorite Award, Commendation Award for Actors and Directing
Brazilian Film Festival 2019 – Award for best Actress, Editing and Music

17-year-old Alice Júnior is a successful YouTuber. While filming a video for her YouTube channel, where she talks about the first kiss she is waiting for so much, her father enters the room and announces in front of the camera that they are about to leave the vibrant Brazilian city of Recife and move to a small, conservative town in the south.

Alice needs to prepare herself for a completely different life. Alice is a transgender girl accustomed to life in the big city and a pluralistic environment. Just the opposite of the conservative Catholic high school she attends and the narrow-minded principal who runs it.

“Alice Júnior” won many awards in its homeland and rightly so. This is a surprising comedy in its freshness and it is simply impossible to resist the charm of star Anne Celestino who, like the protagonist of the film, was also discovered on YouTube.