The Dilemma of Desire

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The Dilemma of Desire

Directed by: Maria Finitzo
Production: Maria Finitzo, Cynthia Kane, Diane Quon
USA, 2020, 108 minutes, English with Hebrew subtitles

SXSW 2020

“The Dilemma of Desire” is an entertaining, moving, empowering and radical documentary that tells the story of four women who shatter myths and lies about female passion and sexuality, the female body and ultimately the power of women.
Breakthrough artist Sophia Wallace is challenging women’s long-standing ideas in her project “cliteracy,” placing her clitoris at the center of her art. Dr. Stacey Dutton, a neuroscience expert, never saw a clitoris pictured in medical books until she discovered Wallace’s work, and now pledges to have medical textbooks correct the intentional neglect of the organ. With 20 years of research, Dr. Lisa Diamond disassembles outdated perceptions regarding female orgasm. Industrial designer Ti Chang, the head of CRAVE, a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing elegant vibrators for women.
Finitzo directs a striking documentary that should not be missed.