Not a Hero

The film is available for viewing from November 12, 07:00 till November 21, midnight 
and for 24 hours from the start of viewing.  

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Not a Hero

Directed by: Rubi Gat
Production: Rubi Gat
Participant: Yam Gat, Rubi Gat, Sarath Kankanamge, Yehudit Yaakobi, Isaac Scharf
Script: Noy Carmel, Yam Gat, Rubi Gat
Crew: Rubi Gat, Yam Gat, Tali Hayat, Shimi Gat, Haitham Diab, Roi Kanyevsky
Israel, 2020, 65 min, Hebrew with English subtitles

With sponsorship of YesDocu

World Premiere!

At Yam’s circumcision, Daddy, Itzik and Mommy didn’t know he has CP. In this kind of house, one grows up to be a human rights fighter, and when the army rejects him Yam starts the battle of his life.