I Was not Born a Mistake

The film is available for viewing from November 12, 07:00 till November 21, midnight 
and for 24 hours from the start of viewing.  

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I Was not Born a Mistake

Directed by: Rachel Rusinek, Eyal Ben-Moshe
Production: Rachel Rusinek, Eyal Ben-Moshe
Participant: Yiscah Smith
Script: Rachel Rusinek
Crew: Ronit Roland, Rachel Rusinek, Eyal Ben-Moshe
Israel, 2019, 52 min, Hebrew and English with English subtitles

Haifa Festival 2019
Jerusalem Film Festival 2019
Jewish Film Festivals in New York, Boston, Seattle, Tampa and Berlin

By the time she turned 35, Yaakov was an ultra-orthodox married man with six children and a pillar in her community. Five years later, she left her family, her community and Israel. It took her 20 years to return.