Kiss Me Kosher – Closing Film

The film is available for viewing from November 19, 07:00 till November 21, midnight 
and for 24 hours from the start of viewing. 

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Kiss Me Kosher

Directed by: Shirel Peleg
Production: Christine Günther, Chevy Chen
Cast: Moran Rosenblatt, Luise Wolfram, Rivka Michaeli, Salim Dau, Irit Kaplan, Aviv Pinkas, John Carrol Lynch
Germany, 2020, 106 mins, English, Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles

International Film Festival Karlovy Vary 2020
Jewish Film Festival Berlin & Brandenburg 2020
Seret: The German Israeli Film and Television Festival 2020

Shirel Peleg’s debut film is a brave, wild and romantic satire comedy that contains love stories of women from different cultures and political identities. It takes a lot of courage to create a comedy on a variety of topics that are not usually laughed at, such as the occupation and the Holocaust, especially if it is a romantic comedy that explores all possible boundaries.
When two generations of Israeli women fall for a German woman and a Palestinian man, chaos follows.
Maria lands in Tel Aviv from Germany and arrives at the apartment of her partner, Shira. A small and wrong step leads the pair of girls on a chaotic romantic journey that brings the two families together, with the unexpected background love-story of the grandmother loaded with her own political conflicts.
“Kiss me Kosher”, despite its heavy themes, is a light-hearted comedy, which with the help of laugh-out-loud situations and a wonderful international cast, provides a particularly enjoyable viewing experience.