Shiva Baby

Directed by Emma Seligman
Production: Kieran Altmann, Lizzie Shapiro
Acting: Rachel Sennott, Molly Gordon, Polly Draper, Dianna Agron, Danny Deferrari, Fred Melamed
Canada, 2020, 77 minutes, English with Hebrew subtitles

Toronto International Film Festival 2020
SXSW Film Festival 2020
Mar del Plata Film Festival 2020
Melbourne International Film Festival 2020
L.A. Outfest 2020 – Outstanding Screenwriting in a U.S. Feature
Indie Memphis Film Festival 2020 – Winner Best Feature
Adelaide Film Festival 2020 – Winner Audience Award Best Feature

The first feature film by the Jewish Canadian director Emma Seligman is a witty and funny comedy that never ceases to amaze. Daniel is about to graduate from college with a degree in gender studies and feminism. She has a sugar daddy who supports her financially and a mythological ex-girlfriend, who pops up whenever it is not convenient to her. 

Daniel arrives with her neurotic parents for a family shiva. Upon her arrival, she meets different relatives but also her ex-girlfriend. Surprisingly, her older lover also arrives at the shiva, along with his wife, a successful and beautiful businesswoman (Diana Agron from Glee) and a baby who never stops crying.

With gossipy adults, snoozing and worried parents and two lovers bringing unexpected problems with them – Daniel will never forget this SHIVA. Along with the discovery Rachel Sennott, who also stars in the film ” Tahara”, you will find in the role of her mother, Polly Draper from the show “Thirty-Something” and Molly Gordon from the show “Animal Kingdom” as the mythological ex.