Why I’m not a Basketball Player

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Why I’m not a Basketball Player

Directed and Script by: Alon Weinstock
Production: Alon Weinstock
Participants: Shlomo Luzki, Dror Hajaj, Eli Saar, Yair Galili, Yossi and Ori Atias, Shlomo Binyamin, Michael Nerson
Camera: Roei Roth, Alon Weinstock, Edit: Yael Leibovitz Zand, Hadas Kastenbaum Reznik, Alon Weinstock, Original Music: Eli Soorani, Sound Design: Avi Mizrahi
Israel, 2020, 110 min, Hebrew with English subtitles

World Premiere!

The movie director explores his basketball career from childhood to adulthood and examines whether his religious upbringing was the reason his dream to become a prominent basketball player wasn’t fulfilled. The movie takes us on a both emotional and entertaining journey into the world of basketball featuring family members, friends and various figures from the Israeli basketball world.