Dave Yaacov

Dave Yaacov: Multidisciplinary artist, social activist, author and poet. Initiated projects to promote the visibility of underprivileged populations, participated in dozens of group exhibitions and one solo exhibition. Produced and operated the Israeli booth at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, as one of the country’s representatives. The owner of GenderTuck – magazine for Israeli culture, gender and queer art. He works to promote the visibility of the Indian community in Israel and to promote the Indian-queer-Israeli discourse, and currently lives in Haifa
In his works, Yaacov examines and disrupts the set of expectations and social constructs thrown at us from the gender boundaries and the oppressive division into masculinity and femininity. Alongside this, he deals with the Indian cultural experience and its symbols in a broad way – he designed the space of the Indian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv (sponsored by the Indian Embassy in Israel) and created images of Hindu same-sex relationships . In addition, Yaacov breaks down to factors the experience of his identity as a son of immigrants from the Indian Jew community in Israel – in the contexts of family, faith and social gaps.

Contact info:
Facebook: Dave Yaacov
Web: https://daveyaacovart.carbonmade.com/
Mail: [email protected]

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