Naomi Shalev

“Neverland” is from “Maybe if I find the right pose…” series. 
Unfulfilled dreams, which are never going to come true… Still I can try to pretend to be someone else. Being you. If I only succeed to find the right pose…

I have been making collages from magazine clippings for almost 20 years. Once a friend gave me his “Playboy” and “Hustler” collections, because he didn’t need them anymore. I started cutting out pictures and combining them into funny compositions. I had no better idea at that time. Then, I began to look for ways to make bigger compositions – I have always liked large scaled projects. This is how the technique in which I work till this day was born – using scraps of magazine pages instead of brushes and paints: Journal painting. I am very interested in human feelings, relationships, people and myself. This is my unlimited material for creativity. In my collages I’m trying to create a perfect, exciting, beautiful world of my own, using what is. In every possible meaning of the word; Less.

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