Daniel Mano-Bella

Daniel Mano-Bella’s photographic collages consist of an archive of photographs of people and places she has photographed over the years. Her work process includes cutting and assembling which lead to a new photographic image. The intention of the process of dismantling and reassembling the images is to mimic the pragmatism of our memory along with the effects of the subconscious and the way in which they obscure the reality in the duality of thought and in the body as a framework of boundaries. This ambivalent process tries to break out of the image on the one hand, and to exist within the reality of limitations of space, time, society and definitions on the other hand.
The use of the digital medium alongside the material in the creation of collages is related to the feeling of a future reality, which is already part of our lives, where there is availability and the possibility to play with the actual material and produce arbitrary digital fragments from it.

Instagram: @daniellemano

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