Roey Victoria Heifetz

In her works, Victoria Heifetz self-identify as a transgender woman and as an artist. he uses images of strong and older women to expose the painful discrepancy between social expectations and the physical reality of changing and growing old as a woman. At the same time, these works allow Victoria Heifetz to imagine his own future as he moves closer to my female body.
These expressive large-format portraits explore the long psychological and emotional journey he has taken and the implications of this momentous change of transitioning from a man to a woman. Roey drawings, which measure three meters tall and up to four and half meters wide, are mostly composites of older women he has observed during his years in Germany, where he currently resides. The images depict women he has seen on the street, including those who have undergone sex changes, and are derived from both imaginary figures and aspects of his own self-portraits. Parts of his drawings are also inspired by interviews and talks with transgender woman. The works are both outward critiques of societal norms and introspective explorations of Victoria Heifetz fears, anxiety and deliberations regarding what is feminine and what it means to be a woman.

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