Yuval Atzili

The photo ‘Natanel’ is about masculinity and femininity, about the thin line between ‘culture’ and animalism.
A male figure is looking at us over the shoulder in what might be articulated as a feminine appearance and body language; His shirt is tight and his lips slightly open.
In contradiction, ‘Natanel’s long feathered sideburns and facial hair marks him as a religious Jewish man.
Throughout history, “hair practices” have been an important component in formulating group and self-identity and declaring one’s status in the community. Materials and styles were inspired by nature. The Native American feathers crown or the Mohawk hairstyle of the Punk subculture are well known examples.
‘Natanel’ offers a potential to subvert the binary gender structure as well as doubt the borderline between human and animal.
As I find myself fascinated by the human male behavioral codes, drawn for the wild/animal world, it becomes much presented in my work – Hairdo and Feathers.


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