Gal Volinez

Multidisciplinary artist from Israel. 
There is a pivotal characteristic of my works: re-examine the social and sexual Taboos, while reviewing the boundaries of my own body.
My work-space embodies the familiar, and into that situation, I load surprising elements and connections that affect the viewers by feelings such as embarrassment, confusion, anger and/or laughter. Hopefully my work could create a self-reflection in the viewer to, essentially, allow a momentary change of thought patterns.

My works tend to get feedback from the non-traditional galleries visitors, due to the media attention they create – which results in a public debate.

Hi Brit” youtube:
In the link you will find Volinez’s video that inserted himself over Britney Spears in her video for “Work Bitch”—as he imitated every pelvic thrust and hand gesture. The “mesmerizing” video went viral and has over 2 million views.
In a world obsessed with body perfection, The obsession to be fit, the need to belong and be a part of a community—to blend in, Gal Volinez sure is not the blending type.

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