About the work
I take portraits of guys. Guys who are taken out of their comfort zones in the presence of a camera. For some of them, as members of LGBTQ+ community, there is no such thing as a comfort zone.
But why do I take the guys I take? They are all lessons/ angels/ demons/ mirrors/ manifestations of my ego. The places I let it enter, the places I believe are door-shut before it, before myself.
Throughout the portrait session, I try to show that sublime transformation between how I initially perceived the subject and what I am able to see as the session evolves, frame by frame, from beginning to end.
My work deals with LGBTQ+ identity politics, different expressions & perceptions of “masculinity” and through that – widening the narrow boundaries of what is regarded as “beautiful” or “accepted”

About Me
Eran Haim Evan, born 1979. Based in Jaffa. Photographer & Writer.
The portraits I take, for the past 6 years, are of people I haven’t previously known on a personal basis, with the session being a “1st date”, opening with an open and honest conversation before the shooting starts. The setting is domestic &/or personal, either their home, their creative studio or my home, with all that this setting allows, unlike the neutral and somewhat overwhelming setting of a photographer’s studio.

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