During Corona quarantine, we were filled with inspiration. Being at home, with no sense of time, both freed from our daily routines, we got a true chance to set on an artistic expedition to another nature. Since all arts & crafts stores were closed we started playing with materials we found around our home and at the supermarket; paper towels, Latex gloves, rice paper, fruits, flowers, dried leaves and more. We started creating structures on my face, sort of organic masks, and through makeup and colors we created objects that imitate a very raw, untouched interpretation of nature.

For example, in the beginning of April we were already deep in our Corona routine. Besides the Covid-19 pandemic there was another one, we called it the “Paperdemic”. Toilet paper and paper towels were simply gone from all the shelves of every supermarket. So, we decided to commemorate it by making this Lionfish inspired look (attached) from the first paper towel roll we managed to get. This look will always serve as a reflective reminder of those times.

We decided to call this project “Natura Humana”. Besides the imitation of nature made by man, observing our surroundings experiencing the images we noticed how the viewer’s nature is reflected by the way one sees and perceives the image. Some tried to solve a materialistic puzzle and others let go of the safe grounds of rationality and set their minds free to another world.

Ido and Ronny have a profound friendship and common artistic paths with a high influence on each other. Ronny was the one to detect Ido’s visual talent, putting a camera in his hands for the first time.

While exploring his way through the camera, Ido helped Ronny in building his confidence and establishing himself as a fashion icon and a performer. They grew up artistically together, living in Tel Aviv as flatmates, initiating independent stills photoshoots, video productions and art exhibitions while exploring visuals from both sides of the camera. Together, they have been inspiring each other and creating hundreds of art projects for more than 10 years.

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