Gala Screenings 2018

באדיבות בתי קולנוע לב

120 BPM

In 1990’s Paris, protest group ACT UP campaigns for treatment for AIDS patients and fights against infection. Nathan, a newly-recruited member, is drawn to the uninhibited Sean. In between demonstrations and steamy parties, the two men enter into a touching love affair.

(c)יוני המנחם

Amazing Grace

Yonatan moves to Tel-Aviv to be with Miki, a young soldier who constantly cheats on him. When Thomas, a mysterious man, comes back from New York for a visit, Yonatan is immediately smitten. Thomas, afraid of hurting the young man, is hiding a secret from Yonatan – he is terminally ill.


Far From Heaven

Cathy is a homemaker in the 1950’s, whose world collapses upon discovering that her husband is leading a double life. She becomes friends with their African-American gardener, which raises eyebrows in her conservative neighborhood. The film raises issues that are as relevant today as they were in mid-20th Century.

(C) רונן אקרמן

Gal Uchovsky Tribute: The Bar Mitzvah

The series, created by Gal Uchovsky and Ilan Peled, about two American gay tourists who travel to Israel to celebrate their son’s bar mitzvah. They hope that the journey will allow him to come out of the closet. When he turns out to be straight, all hell breaks loose.


Love, Simon

Everyone deserves a big love story, but for 17-year-old Simon, things are pretty complicated in that respect: he is still in the closet, and is not 100% sure of the identity of the classmate he has fallen for online. The solution to both problems is funny, scary, and life-changing.


My Days of Mercy

Lucy and Martha travel the western United States, regularly attending demonstrations against the death penalty. At one demonstration, Lucy notices Mercy, the daughter of a police officer. One glance leads to a powerful, passionate relationship. Will their love be able to conquer the ideological rift between them?


Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

This drama is based on the story of William Marston, who invented the lie detector and created Wonder Woman. In 1920, William and Elizabeth Marston are promising young scholars. Olive, a student, becomes their research assistant and life partner. The influence of William’s two muses will change their world forever.


Saturday Church

Ulysses is a shy, effeminate boy of 14, who keeps his gender identity a secret. He discovers that his local church holds Saturday evening meetings for LGBT teens, where he falls in love for the first time. When his aunt discovers his true identity, trouble soon follows.


The Heiresses

Chela and Chiquita have been together for years. When Chiquita is imprisoned due to debt, Chela is left on her own. Using their vintage car, she becomes a chauffeur to rich, elderly ladies. Driving to a client’s card party, she meets young Angy, and begins to re-discover her own will.


Tinta Bruta / Hard Paint

Pedro performs in erotic online chat rooms. He applies paint to his naked body, turning into his character of Neon Boy. One evening he realizes that someone is copying his act. He contacts his rival, agreeing to meet with him. This meeting will have a far-reaching impact on Pedro. (18+)