A tribute to Chéries-Chéris Festival

To remind Israeli audiences that French cinema is more than bourgeois comedies and middle-age dramas, we have decided to hold a special tribute to Chéries-Chéris, the Paris LGBT Film Festival. Having marked its 23rd anniversary last November, Chéries-Chéris is one of the oldest LGBT film festivals in the world. It features major commercial films such as Call Me by Your Name and Battle of the Sexes, as well as many indie pictures that challenge what is acceptable and refuse to bow to consensus.
Chéries-Chéris Director Cyril Legann will be a guest of TLVFest and will serve as a judge on the Israeli Short Films Competition. Legann will also watch the many Israeli films featured in this year’s program, in order to collect materials for a TLVFest program within his own festival, which will be held in November later this year.
Our Chéries-Chéris tribute includes the following content: French Extreme, a collection of three extra-daring films, including Yann Gonzales’s Islands, the winner of the 2017 Queer Palm Award in Cannes; Anne Fontaine’s new feature Reinventing Marvin, winner of the 2017 Queer Lion Award in Venice; lesbian comedy Kiss Me; and Diane Has the Right Shape, which tells how a 30-something woman who refuses to grow up agrees to become a surrogate mother to help her gay friends.