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Tel Aviv Cinematheque

Directed by: Ruben Alves 
Production: Laetitia Galitzine, Hugo Gélin
Cast: Alexandre Wetter, Pascale Arbillot, Isabelle Nanty, Thibault de Montalembert, Stéfi Celma and Amanda Lear
France, 2020, 107 minutes, French with Hebrew and English subtitles

Festivals and awards:
Cesar Award 2021 – Nominated for the Most Promising Actor Award
L’Alpe d’Huez Film Festival 2020
Angoulême Film Festival 2020
Namur International Film Festival 2020
Tapis Rouge Frans Filmfestival in Netherlands 2020
Festival du film français au Japon 2020

“Miss” is a light and entertaining dramedy that explores types of masculinity and femininity. As a child, Alex dreamed of one day being elected Miss France. 15 years would pass, and life led Alex to another reality in which he imagined for himself as a child. But an unexpected encounter will awaken in him the forgotten dream and he decides to compete for the title. But there’s one problem: Alex is a guy. A very feminine guy who likes to dress, put on make-up and act like a woman in his life but he still sees himself as a guy … with the help of his chosen and very colorful family he is going to participate in the competition. 
“Miss” may be a completely commercial comedy but his message is subversive. Jean Paul Gaultier’s model and discovery, Alexander Wetter, was nominated for a Cesar Award for his role in this film. Around him you can find favorite actors such as Thibault de Montalembert & Stéfi Celma, both from the successful “10 percent” series on Netflix (“Call My Agent”) and the well-known Isabelle Nanty (“Amélie” and “Tatie Danielle”). Trans legend and singer Amanda Lear also popped up for a moment.
French Portuguese filmmaker Ruben Alves provides the audience with optimistic entertainment with a thought-provoking idea.